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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just a Quickie


I haven't posted anything on here since July and here's why:
1. Lost my job at Starbucks because the Kroger Hilander got bought out by Schnucks, so they decided to remove Starbucks. (My life will never be the same).
2. I'm in college now. I'M SUCH A BIG KID. Even though it's community, I'm still busy. I've got straight A's though. (WHUDDUP.)
3. I am now a "checker" not "cashier" for Schnucks Hilander, which will eventually be named Logli. Make sense? I hate my job. Seriously, my life is 39747364 times worse than it was 3ish months ago.
4. I never go on a computer anymore. I am constantly on my phone tweeting, texting, and facebooking it up, but never on a computer. I tried posting a blog from my SMART phone, but my SMART phone is not so SMART, and wouldn't let me.
5. I'm lazy.

So, there you have it. My life sucks.

I'm totally being dramatic, but is anybody really surprised?

So, since they removed my cute, little Starbucks, I am FORCED to drive ten minutes rather than the two it would have taken me before, to the nearest Starbucks and PAY for my drinks. I have to actually PAY for my drinks now... with MONEY. I am so crushed.

How did this happen to me? To ME?! I finally get a job at a place I have always wanted to work, and now I'm working as a CASHIER checker for Schnucks.

(Dramatic pause)

My life sucks.

Why didn't I make this a vlog? This would have been so much fun. I just love being dramatic. Oh well, next time, eh?

Well, I was going to post Halloween pictures, but I realized they're only on my phone, and it's past midnight... and I'm just too lazy to do that right now.

But, if you are SO interested in stalking my life, you can always follow me on Twitter. (Okay, I just want more followers)
Really, the word "texting" isn't in spellcheck? Come on, Spellcheck. It's 2011 here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Goes On

It's currently two in the morning right now, and I'm just beginning a new blog post.

I feel like each and everyday, my life gets more stressful. I'm starting to feel more and more like an adult, and while most of the time it can be great to feel so responsible, other times, I just want to stop the entire world and take a breath. This summer is just flying by, and I feel like all I have done is work. The money is always nice, and extremely helpful, but I just want time for myself, my friends, and family. The older I get, the busier I become, and to be honest, it's scary.

I start college in a little over a month. While I'm staying here, most of my friends are moving away. I know we all have out own lives to live, but it's just so hard watching people go. For the last four years, these are the people I've become so close to and have spent everyday with. Now, I will most likely never see them or hear from them anymore.

I knew four years ago that this time would come, but I never expected it to be this emotional for me. I know that I will begin new friendships and move on with my life, but for now I'm living each day separately.

I'm so thankful for all of the memories I've made with everyone. I had a great high school experience, and I'm positive college will be even better.

It's moments like these that I take a step back and realize how blessed I am to have so many great people in my life. And even though everything seems so stressful and difficult right now, I know it will get better.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today was my last day of high school. I wasn't really emotional at all to my surprise. However, when I got to work and started making a Mocha Coconut frappiccino sample, then I started tearing up like a baby. I don't know why a drink would make me want to cry, but apparently it did. I guess it just finally hit me: I'm moving on with my life. My life isn't just beginning though. I'm not "finally in the real world". I've been in this world for almost 19 years. I've been in school, I've been fired, been criticized, experienced someone close to me dying, taken college courses. Who says I'm just going into the world? I'm not. I'm exploring it more, now that I have the chance, and growing as a person.

I've realized that I have grown so much as person since January. I feel like an adult now. I'm treated like an adult. I'm happy with my life and where it's going.

I haven't blogged in a while since I've been so busy with school and work. However, now I'm on summer vacation, so I only have work to worry about which is nice for a change.

So, that's my life right now.

Also, prom is tomorrow. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoo! I'm so excited that I might just cry. Haha.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Look At Me Now, I'm Making Paper


I love my job. That's right. I'm like 1 in 923747362429843924 million people who actually loves their job. It's alright , be jealous.
I mean, people can be SUUUUPER snobby sometimes, but that's alright! Whatevs.

So, yeah. That's my life right now.
School. Work. Homework. Sleep. Repeat. Sigh!
But, that's alright, too.

I got my first pay check the other night!

Let's just say, I'm $210 richer! Woo!

What am I going to buy with my first check?!??!
Prom tickets!


So, thank you, Starbucks, for being so incredibly awesome.

Huzzah! Notice how awkward I look with my apron because I'm so short? Heh.
Also, my hat is as tight as it can get. I'm just so small.


I love her so much! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Don't Need Real Babies Because...

I've got my cat who is basically my teeny tiny needy child!

Isn't she just the most adorable cat in the entire world?!


Annnd when she was a kitten.

I never knew I could love anything so much. I love my cat more than pretty much everything.

Now, I know what you're all thinking:
a) My cat is adorable.
b) I'm a crazy cat lady in the making because I'm an 18 year old who is ALREADY blogging about her cat.

That's alright. No big deal.

I've just learned that she is basically my kid. No teen mom right here!

Mtv should slap a cat and a box on condoms on all those dumb girl's door steps. PROBLEM SOLVED! Basically, a light bulb just lit up right over my head. Basically, I just saved the world from teen pregnancy. Because who doesn't love a cute, little kitten?

I know what you're thinking:
"They're not going to stay a kitten for long, then all those slutty teenagers will have sex and it won't even matter. PROBLEM NOT SOLVED"


When those kittens grow up, they become cats. And those cats become little stalker cats... that follow you around EVERYWHERE... throughout your whole house... then they lay on your bed every time you're in it... and stare at you.

No teenager is going to want to have sex while their cat is staring right at them! PROBLEM SOLVED!

I'm a genius.

That's all. That's all to it. You're welcome, world. You're welcome.

Now, hopefully Obama reads this blog post. Then my cat and I will go to the White House and have to give a nice little speech to every school in America.

See? They lay with you every chance they get. <3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remember when I said I would post a picture of another prom dress I found? Well...

Here it is! So, I basically fell in love with it at the store, but since then I've kind of fallen out of love with it because I realized that when I get my senior pictures taken, it's not going to look as good with the trees and branches and logs and rivers and such. It fit me like a glove, but it's not really the style I'm looking for. Plus, it's the same style as the last, black dress in my last post.

I'm just going to have to keep looking. Sigh!

Also, exciting news: I got a job at Starbucks! Woop! I am so excited! I've pretty much always wanted to work at Starbucks ever since I was 13 years old when I first found out it existed. Soooo... yay! You should yay with me! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sooooo, it's that time of year again! Any guesses of what I'm talking about? Only the most magical, most talked about thing of your whole senior year: PROM!

Okay, It's really not that magical at all. It's actually really hot, muggy and a bunch of nasty ass dirty dancing. BUT. It's still exciting to get dolled up and take a bunch of pictures... even if the food tastes terrible, everything was expensive, and you see every teenager having sex on the dance floor. Who wouldn't want to go, right? Right.

So, I've been shopping for the perfect prom dress (of course) and so far, I haven't found anything that I absolutely loved. Okay, that's a lie. I did, but it was $230. Sigh! Moving on.

These are the dresses that I've tried on, hated, liked, drowned in, and fit me perfectly:

HATED and drowned in. NEXT.

This dress is gorgeous... but not on me, unfortunately. NEXT!

This is the one I basically fell in love with. I didn't fall in love with the price tag, though. NEXT! :(

I went to Fox Valley Mall with a few of my friends the other day, and I tried this on. I absolutely love how it hugs my curves. This is what I want in a dress; however, the bottom looked like crap in person. Sigh! NEXT!

Words cannot explain how much I like the back of this dress. It's gorgeous. I have a nice, skinny back, too. So, that helps. It was only $89. Why haven't I gotten it then? Because I want a mermaid style dress. Why do I have to be so picky?! NEXT.

This dress looks better in the pictures than in person. Believe me. It made my boobs look waaaaay too small and my hips waaaay too big. Also, we weren't allowed to take pictures of the dress, so I had to be sneaky. ;) It's too pink for me, anyway. I don't want Adam, my boyfriend, in pink. NEXT!

Adam reeeeeeeally liked this one. It made my curves look nice and all, but I didn't love it. I do, however, love my concentrating-real-hard face in this picture.

I have another picture of a dress that I pretty much almost fell in love with. My mom loved it, too. It's not showing up in my gmail though, and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. So, I'll have to blog about it later.

So, those are the dresses I've tried on so far. I guess I'll have to just keep looking until I find the perfect one for a decent price!