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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Beginnings

My last blog post was in January and already so much in my life has changed! To begin, I have some very exciting news!

I'm a homeowner!!!

That's right. I bought a house! All by myself!

Honestly, I have never felt more empowered, independent, and proud of the woman I am. This is a huge accomplishment for me, and I am so incredibly happy!

I closed on May 23rd, so it's been a little over a month. I currently still have no furniture (lol) but I have ordered couches, and they should (hopefully) be here soon!

I am honestly so incredibly thankful that I have a career that has allowed me to buy my own house at 23 years old. I haven't taken any pictures of my house quite yet since it still have no furniture, and I have held off on decorating until my furniture arrives. So, as soon as I get it a little more organized and furnished, I will be posting photos.

I have more exciting news!
The most amazing man has come into my life, and I am so, so excited and thankful!

In my last post, I felt very bittersweet towards being single. I loved it. I valued it. I cherished it. I loved my independence, but I felt so lonely. I was ready to meet someone. I was ready to move on from my past relationship-- from someone who did not value me or cherish me. I wanted commitment. I wanted something real. I wanted someone who wanted what I wanted. I wanted someone who has a career and values their career. I wanted someone who sees life in the same perspective I do. I wanted someone who was ready for love. Who was ready to find that partner in life. I wanted the real deal.

After a couple months, I decided I was okay with being alone. I was satisfied with being single. I was content living my life the way I was. I was happy with my life with my cat. I accepted my independence. I accepted being alone. I accepted that maybe finding love wasn't something that was meant for me. I finally stopped looking for someone. I stopped looking for a relationship. I was finally happy with me.

And that's when Zach came into my life.

It was unexpected. I was unprepared. I was unamused. I was unavailable emotionally. But he was there. He was patient. He waited for me to be emotionally available after I turned him down more than once. He wasn't pushy. He was persistent, but he was kind in his persistency.

See, before I met Zach, I knew what I deserved. I knew I deserved someone great. I knew I deserved the best. I knew I deserved someone who values me, cherishes me, and sees everything I see in myself and more. But he exceeds this. He exceeds all of this. He exceeds all expectations I had thought up in a man. I am so thankful and happy that he never gave up on me, especially after I turned him down more than once. I'm thankful that he never gave up on our potential. I don't know what I did to deserve someone as incredible as him. But I am so thankful for him.

As disgustingly sappy as this is, I am so happy. I know we are in that beginning honeymoon phase. I get it. But I see life in a new way now. I see love in a new way now. I never thought I was capable of feeling these emotions again. But I am. He has completely restored my faith in love. I'm no longer skeptical of love.

Call it the honeymoon phase. Call it lust. Call it infatuation. Call it crazy. Call it whatever you want. But this is what life is supposed to be about. This is how we are supposed to feel. And I am so happy.