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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just a Quickie


I haven't posted anything on here since July and here's why:
1. Lost my job at Starbucks because the Kroger Hilander got bought out by Schnucks, so they decided to remove Starbucks. (My life will never be the same).
2. I'm in college now. I'M SUCH A BIG KID. Even though it's community, I'm still busy. I've got straight A's though. (WHUDDUP.)
3. I am now a "checker" not "cashier" for Schnucks Hilander, which will eventually be named Logli. Make sense? I hate my job. Seriously, my life is 39747364 times worse than it was 3ish months ago.
4. I never go on a computer anymore. I am constantly on my phone tweeting, texting, and facebooking it up, but never on a computer. I tried posting a blog from my SMART phone, but my SMART phone is not so SMART, and wouldn't let me.
5. I'm lazy.

So, there you have it. My life sucks.

I'm totally being dramatic, but is anybody really surprised?

So, since they removed my cute, little Starbucks, I am FORCED to drive ten minutes rather than the two it would have taken me before, to the nearest Starbucks and PAY for my drinks. I have to actually PAY for my drinks now... with MONEY. I am so crushed.

How did this happen to me? To ME?! I finally get a job at a place I have always wanted to work, and now I'm working as a CASHIER checker for Schnucks.

(Dramatic pause)

My life sucks.

Why didn't I make this a vlog? This would have been so much fun. I just love being dramatic. Oh well, next time, eh?

Well, I was going to post Halloween pictures, but I realized they're only on my phone, and it's past midnight... and I'm just too lazy to do that right now.

But, if you are SO interested in stalking my life, you can always follow me on Twitter. (Okay, I just want more followers)
Really, the word "texting" isn't in spellcheck? Come on, Spellcheck. It's 2011 here.