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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Never Again... Or At Least for a While.

I'm never eating cheesecake again.

Okay, that's a complete lie because every time I go to Olive Garden, their raspberry cheesecake always whispers my name in my ear.
I'm never eating cheesecake from anywhere else. Because the ONLY time I did, I got food poisoning.

It was basically the worst thing of my life.
I'm not even being dramatic!

Seriously, I puked for hours. HOURS.
You'd think that there wouldn't be anything left to puke up after a while, but the human body is an amazing thing. Pah.

So, yeah. That has been my life for the past day and a half. Let's just say two days. It's felt like years though.

Also, just a side note, but uhh... bands from the 80's...
they just need to quit making music. Clearly, it's not the 80's anymore. Although there are a lot of people stuck in the 80's, most people are not. Music has definitely evolved since then... they just can't handle it.
Just my opinion. Fa sho.

Alright. Well, a cha cha to me feeling better.

My blogs are so lame.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Have a Blog! My Very Own Blog!

Weeeell, here I am. That's right, I have another thing on the internet to remember a password to.

It may just be me, but I don't really feel like my life is too interesting to blog about. But, I guess we'll find out.
And by "we", I mean me and my sister... because she's the only one following me right now.

So, happy reading, Tania.

For now.
Don't consider yourself special for too long though.
I'll have people following me like crazy.

Just gotta add this link to every website I'm apart of.

WHOA! This thing has spell check!

Now, no one will know how awful I am at spelling. Huzzah! If I could add a thumbs up smiley right here, I would.

Alright. Well... this has been fun.
Hopefully, I'll have more things to blog about than just spell check.